Kubota SSV Side Window



Fits the following Kubota Models:

  • SSV65 and SSV75
  • Available in 1/2″ thickness only

This polycarbonate side window is designed to be an easy replacement of your existing frame and window.  It is pre-drilled for the bolts and milled around the outer edge to make an exact fit onto the side of your frame.  You will need to use a seal to go around the outside of the window to prevent water and debris from entering your cab.  Each side of the window is coated for optimal abrasion-resistance.  These windows are noise reducing, hold in the heat during winter and keep it out during summer.  They are also 250 times stronger than glass and can take a hard impact. No extra hardware is needed.

*Please note that each side is milled different so make sure to see the photos for the correct side if you aren’t purchasing both.

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